Wetherspoons for Ballyhackamore

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Rumour has it that JD Wetherspoons pub chain have their eye on Ballyhackamore. They of course run pubs across the UK and perhaps Ballyhackamore, with its growing social scene,  is looking tempting for the large Wetherspoon chain.

Would they be welcome here?  The pub chain specialise in cheap food and drink, but of course that brings its own set of problems. Maybe the streets of Ballyhackamore overrun with young people gorged with cheap booze.

What’s your opinion on this story then? Maybe readers can throw some more light on this rumour. Let us know below.

6 Responses to “Wetherspoons for Ballyhackamore”

  1. GW says:

    I heard that JDW have purchased the Co-operative building in Ballyhack – although our local MP tells me that no planning permission has yet been sought for change of use.

    In my opinion this is not good for the area considering it is mainly residential and as the original post states the area might well become (even more) overrun with people gorged on cheap booze.

    Having suffered the noise of the Point for many years I really wouldn't want to see this in Ballyhack.

  2. TM says:

    My feeling is that this is nothing more than a rumour.

    There is no planning for change of use, and there has been no planning application lodged for the property.

    Plus there is also the issue of an additional license for the area. My understanding was that one other license would have to be exchanged, which would mean the number of licenses remains the same.

    If i'm wrong, then i'll try to stay positive… maybe they'll open one of those nice rural style wetherspoons?! and they do a nice breakfast.

  3. Gareth Brown says:

    Wetherspoons attracts the lowest of the low. I dont want it in the neighbourhood. We have 2 nice pubs n the road already and there is no way there is enough trade for a third. Plus this takes away from the character of the street — like who really wants just another cloned company.

  4. DG says:

    I contacted Wetherspoons and they said they had no plans to open another in Belfast at all so the purchase of the old co-op seems just a rumour

  5. East Belfast Residen says:

    Wetherspoons is a FANTASTIC pub-cheap booze and great food!!!

    I heard that the Point is closing, so that will solve any extra license in the area.

    Also Spoons don't play music, just promise to get you drunk on the cheap and then give great business to the take aways and taxi firms.

    excellent idea

  6. MJ says:

    I hope it will happen. Wspoons are what they are. It offers very good value food if somewhat average and very good value drinks of excellent quality. Such an establishment would be excellent news for Ballyhackamore. I think views expressed above regarding its patrons are insulting, ignorant and untrue.

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