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The Point Bar and Grill in Ballyhackamore followed the redevelopment of one of East Belfasts oldest bars -  the Belmont. Since it has opened, the residents of the Ballyhackamore area have embraced it with open arms.  The Ballyhackamore and Belmont area had been wating a long time for a quality drinking/eating establishment.

The Point Bar and Grill is the perfect place to meet friends and family for a relaxing meal or a night out on the town, as it serves only the best in modern cuisine. The menu is inventive and enticing with a wide range of food on offer, from fillet steak to Asian style monkfish, medallions of pork to stuffed butternut squash. It has even been known to dish up Ostrich Using the finest in local ingredients, there is something guaranteed to tantalise everyones tastebuds.

The Point Bar and Grill provides fast, efficient service and great quality food in a relaxed atmosphere.With evening entertainment 7 nights of the week, a visit is much more than just a dining experience.

12 Responses to “The Point Bar And Grill”

  1. MartinG says:

    The Point is a very underated bar I think, as far as food goes anyway. Their food is excellent in my opinion. Just love their mexican potatoes!

    I have had and still do have, many's a great meal here. Really nice atmosphere upstairs.

  2. Peter Moffett says:

    The Point Bar is no longer a place where you would take anyone other than your roughest friends. The food upstairs is beautiful, but even to walk past the tattoed f*****ts dowstairs to get out, is enough for me not to go back.

  3. Homey says:

    yes, The Point has gone downhill a bit. Like most places, at the start they attracted a decent kinda crowd and kept the oul 'riff raff' out. I guess business is business, and they pull in just whoever will buy a drink now.

    Hope it never descends into the ultimate chav drinking den…aka Benedicts. That place went down quicker than the Titanic, once the 'gold chains and no brains' crowd decided to make it their local drinking estblishment

  4. GW says:

    I couldn't agree more – I live within spitting distance (yes really) and it is disturbing to hear the clientele screaming for taxis at chucking out time. However in recent weeks things seem to have quietened down a bit. There seems to be no more DJs/live music and they appear to have mastered the art of keeping the emergency exit door closed. Many times I have felt that the whole pub had moved into my house the noise was so loud. I have been in it only once and I felt very uncomfortable. I wouldn't go back.

  5. lynette says:

    I love the point. yes it can be rough sometimes but then again so can the merchant and ollies which are supposed to be "fancy" places but just because someone wears a suit doesnt make them a nice decent person. the food is great and the bar/restaurant staff are friendly and welcoming. i would recommend it to anyone. if you want great food at great prices go to the restaurant upstairs and then the bar food downstairs is fantastic value for money. two meals for £11 is just brilliant. its my local and me and my fiance go all the time.

    • McGregor says:

      You can put whatever spin on it you like…..but I'd rather be surrounded at a bar by people in suits, than by halfwits with football tops, gold chains and tattoos. If it talks like a hood, walks a like a hood, well then…..

  6. Shelly says:

    Has anyone used groupon vouchers at the point? They had a steak meal offer on Groupon the other – just wondered if anyone had tried the offer and was it good?


  7. Jimmy says:

    the food in the Point is lovely. But probably best not to hang around the bar downstairs at the weekend after your meal. Its where middle aged men (sad old gangsters) like to get into fights with each other, yeah…. like teenagers.

    Pathetic really, but thats how a small minority of N.Ireland men live out their sad little existance.

  8. Jay says:

    Who took over the Point bar, anyone know? I wonder what changes they will make.

  9. greg says:

    I hear the Point is being taken over and maybe re branded. About time! Keep out the lowlife who have brought this bar to its knees and you should have a good spot. Used to be good when decent people went, then it just tanked after they let in all the scumy riff raff and lowlifes of the day. fingers crossed it gets its mojo back.

  10. Raymond says:

    yep, its now Stokers Halt. looks pretty good too! Hope its a new decent crowd! :)

  11. Rab says:

    What was the it called before the point

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