Local resident expresses anger at new housing development

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I am writing to vent after reading that there are to be 10 houses built at Sandown Park South.

sandown park south Local resident expresses anger at new housing development

Ballyhackamore is a very popular area and therefore I realise there is a demand for quality housing in the area but what has been proposed involves textbook developer greediness:

houses shoehorned in.

large houses, postage stamp sized gardens.

“traditional-styled” – completely irrelevant fake “period” detailing that is unsympathetic to the Edwardian and Victorian houses in the area.

How has this passed planning? They are lego houses! Has it never crossed the mind of a builder to either go for sympathetic period style housing that complements the housing of the area OR to built something truly 21st century and exciting?

Furthermore it has been named “Lanesborough” which is completely laughable. There are plenty of numbers available on Sandown Park South so the creation of this pseudo-pretentious address is completely unnecessary.

Yours sincerely,

Ballyhackamore Enthusiast

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