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I am a customer with the Northern bank At Knock. The one thing that really hacks me off about this branch is the number of times you go in and find 1 or 2 staff manning the counter when it is painfully obvious how long the queue is! . Often there will be a queue of 7 or 8 people, standing shifting from foot to foot, as the ditherlingly slow and understaffed Northern bank  cashiers serve.

Its infuriating, standing there waiting for sometimes up to 15 minutes to get ‘served’. Meanwhile you will see other staff float about, and you feel like screaming - ”Are you stupid?  Can you not see you need at least one more person on the counter?!”

 What kind of an bumbling idiot is the manager, if he can’t take a quick glance over and send another staff member to the counter to help out. It’s terrible service and it almost tempts me to leave the Northern Bank, if I got the time to do it.

Just wondered how many other local customers get totally hacked off at the incompetent service you get at Knock Northern Bank.

Submitted by Matty, a site visitor

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  1. Ken says:

    actually I know exactly what you mean. My heart sinks when you walk in and see the big queue and only two people manning the counter (ocassionally only one!). Then you have to stand while some old retired bloke chats away to the cashier for 8 minutes about his recent wee holiday or some other boring irrelevant tosh. Freakin' does my head in, espec when you are in a hurry!

    get your act together Northern Bank!

  2. Luigi says:

    This is typical of large businesses – get shot of all the long term experienced staff (they cost to much), bring in young recruits with no customer experience on less wages, cut the number of staff actually needed to provide a good service and think that no-one will notice.

    Wakey, wakey………………

  3. BOBBY says:

    gone down hill not a nice crowd the new moat inn !

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