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DSC001091 Little Wing Ballyhackamore

The latest addition to Ballyhackamore’s eating spots opened its doors on 22nd June.  Little Wing is one of a chain of Pizza restaurants under the Little Wing Brand. This latest eating establishment promises to be another little jewel in the crown what is becoming a rather enviable restaurant goldmine in Ballyhack.

A large variety of  mouth-watering pizzas, coupled with tempting desserts, should definitely satisfy the palates of its hungry customers.

DSC00107 Little Wing Ballyhackamore

The classic margherita pizza,  baked and then scattered with parma ham, fresh rocket and parmigiano;  right through to great pasta dishes, such as Penne pasta coated in a Roman style pancetta and Parmigiano sauce, makes this place worth a visit!

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10 Responses to “Little Wing Ballyhackamore”

  1. kenbave says:

    we had a very nice meal in Little Wings recently. Very good pizzas. Not the cheapest pizza place around, but still well worth a visit.

  2. TJ says:

    Great meal there on Saturday night. Food is great, atmosphere is just right and the service was very good. The "Little Cups" for dessert are just right for those not really wanting a dessert!

    However better options for those who are Gluten intolerant are definitley needed. Having salad as the only option means that Coeliacs should avoid.

  3. stevie says:

    Very nice ambience, don't expect family size pizza's though, they're all standard size, which ain't that big!

    Not a huge variety of pizzas either. Also disappointed that they don't do side orders, which is kinda strange for a pizza restaurant….ie coleslaw, wedges etc

    It's a lovely little restaurant, very modern and appealing. Not the best pizza i have ever had, but an enjoyable exprience. Probably woud go back.

  4. GW says:

    I had a takeaway pizza and slice of chocolate cake from LW which cost a few pence shy of £15 – as already stated the pizzas are not big. I have to say the cake was delicious but the pizza gave a whole new meaning to thin and crispy – thin and brittle would be a better description. I wasn't overly impressed. However I will give it another chance in a week or two; perhaps things will have improved.

  5. Sharonk says:

    actually I agree with GW, he summed it up nicely by describing their pizzas as thin and brittle. That was my exact feeling – it is like a (thin) layer of topping on a wafer-thin base. Like a a little brittle biscuit.

    They need to find out how to do a decent pizza base.

  6. mary says:

    hope no planning permission given for this

  7. mary says:

    wetherspoons not wanted in ballyhackamore

  8. Andrew says:

    It's not bad… The pizza toppings weren't particularly great — the Italian sausage on mine didn't seem very fresh and I'm told the meatballs in the calzone are like sausage roll meat. Also the rocket on my pizza was a bit wilted.

    My desert was pointless – I had the chocolate tart. It was clearly bought in, ready made.

    Not bad for a pizza. I suppose its an alternative to The Burger Bank.

    Oh and they don't take reservations and wouldn't give us a ring on our mobile if we went next door while we waited for a table…

  9. Gareth Brown says:

    Very average. No where near as nice as Capers up the road!

  10. DG says:

    Went in during the summer and left disgusted. Tried to fob us off with a poorly placed table and made a big issue out of our request for a booth which were mostly empty at the end of evening. One of the Walls wasn't even finished properly and needed plastering. After waiting 30 mins then told the oven had packed in and we couldnt order any pizzas! Probably a blessing in disguise as the place seems a complete rip off. Customer service was shocking. It's a true saying a fool and his money are easily parted. I'll never be in the place again

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