Kentucky Fried Chicken For Ballyhackamore

KFC Vintage 300x289 Kentucky Fried Chicken For Ballyhackamore

The recent decision not to allow a Kentucky Fried Chicken drive though to be built in Ballyhackmore, opposite the Belmont church road, has now been controversially overturned. 

The decision to allow the KFC drive-through takeaway in a residential area could mean fast food outlets being allowed next to homes and schools anywhere in Northern Ireland, an MP has warned.

The drive-through plan was knocked back by the DOE — but the Planning Appeals Commission has now controversially overturned the decision.  East Belfast MP Naomi Long warned that the overturning of the decision to refuse permission for the drive-through restaurant on the Upper Newtownards Road would result in a “completely inappropriate” development next to a school in a residential area — and could have implications for the rest of Northern Ireland.

The development was also opposed by Belfast City Council’s Town Planning Committee.

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2 Responses to “Kentucky Fried Chicken For Ballyhackamore”

  1. Monty says:

    I'm not totally against this. I only wish it had been a Burger King drive through. I didnt think many people ate the hideous food that KFC serves anymore. Do they?

    I havent ate in it for years, horrible KFC junk food.

  2. Luigi says:

    Yet again the professional people we put our trust in to preside over and preserve the best solutions for the local community have sorely disappointed us.

    KFC are long estabilished on a site beside other restaurants and take-aways in Ballyhackamore so why permit this move up the road into the heart of a residential area beside a school building. Sorry did I refer to them as 'professional'!

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