Jasmine Restaurant

jasmine1 Jasmine Restaurant

Jasmine Indian restaurant offers another flavour in the local dining scene. Although quite a small restaurant, its decor is warm and inviting and provides a nice ambience for its customers.   The menu is typical Indian fare, cooked nicely and attractively presented. One advantahge is that it is ‘bring your own’, meaning that you can save by bringing your own alcoholic drinks. An off licence is conveniently situated next door for this purpose.

Jasmine also offer a take away delievery service, offering Indian takeways to the local community.

jasmine2 Jasmine Restaurant

5 Responses to “Jasmine Restaurant”

  1. hackman says:

    I went a few weeks ago and had to wait ages for my food. Not only that but they charged me for popadoms! They are usually free as an appetiser in most Indians. Was a bit surprised to see a charge of £3.50 on my bill.

    The food wasn't bad but very small portions. Probably 5 pieces of chicken breast in my chicken tikka masala.

    Apart from that it was ok.

  2. EastBelfast Lady says:

    I ordered their takeaway last night, totally amazing! Yeah of course their is a wait, everything is cooked from fresh, I thought ahead and ordered before I was hungry ;)

    You can't really give them a bad comment from cooking food from fresh Hackman. Also popadoms do have a charge on their menu if you had read it, I think you expect too much, McDonalds is just down the road.

    The portions were big, full of flavour and Jasmine will be our official Indian Takeaway from on due to a relative eating their this month we thought we would give it a go. I shall be singing their praises to everyone. 10/10

  3. RedLeopard says:

    Totally agree with EastBelfast Lady.

    I do love my indian food and i'm really particular with the restaurants I like and so many of the supposedly "authentic" ones use jars which is a total disgrace.

    I've been eating in the Jasmine for a while now (the lunch menu is particularly brilliant and value for money), everything is freshly made and i've yet to be disappointed in any aspect.


  4. Joepesci says:

    yeah the foods not too bad, but its the very small portions which puts me off….and they ARE small, compared to other Indian restaurants I've been to . Give us decent portions and I'll be a fan

  5. Graham says:

    Its not bad as far as food goes, but the waiting time for your meal is horrendous. We ordered on a Sat night at 8pm, the starter arrived at 8.35. Main course was another 20 mins wait . altogether we were there for nearly 2 hours, most of that time spent waiting for the meals….way too slow

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