Il Pirata Italian Restaurant

Il Pirata is Ballyhackamore’s popular Italian Restaurant. Sited opposite Horatio Todds, it offers simple rustic and Italian food, served up in a spacious and vibrant environment.  With its cool, trendy interior, it promises to be very popular with  the many visitors who come to Ballyhackamore seeking culinary delights.

piri1 Il Pirata Italian Restaurant

It offer a great variety of Italian food, from bruschettas and salads, through to bigger dishes such as Salmon and pork main meals.   It also provides a selection of ‘smaller plates’ for those with a  more ‘pickish’ nature.  It’s also licensed, with a good range of beers and even cocktails, so something for everyone

Il Pirata  certainly looks as if it will be a firm favourite with the local foodies. Opening nights saw almost a full house, savouring its buzzing ambience.  There are no bookings, so its a matter of just turning up .

ilpira Il Pirata Italian Restaurant

Il Pirata


Upper Newtownards Road



tel:  9067 3421

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15 Responses to “Il Pirata Italian Restaurant”

  1. susan says:

    Had lunch in Il Pirata with my daughter (17 Jan) The meal was excellent We opted for a variety of the small plates. All delicious. First authentic Italian food I have tasted in Belfast I lived in Sicily for 5 years,it was like being back there again. Service excellent Will be back and have told lots of friends about the restaurant

  2. D.Marshall says:

    Il Pirata is a great addition to all the restaurants here. However I always wonder when they are going to put up a nice big sign outside, or is that part of the 'look' ?

  3. Lynn says:

    Very disappointed when I visited, food mediocre and definitely not authentic! As for sitting in the window, yes in the window! Thought I was in Amsterdam!

  4. T-bird says:

    Yes I agree with D. Marshall above, the 'look' is damnable!!! Get it sorted please!!!!

  5. T-bird says:

    Oh and I also agree with lynn… Food far from great won't be rushing back:-(

  6. kate says:

    very disapointed when i over heard two cheffs only caught one of their names say that they did not want any catholics around thought them days were gone pity to i enjoyed the food

    • mainliner48 says:

      what a ridiculous statement to make…absolute rubbish I'm sure

    • Rachael says:

      I very much doubt this is true, considering that ballyhackamore is a mixed area.
      Just pure slander, no doubt from disgruntled competition.

  7. Graham says:

    @ Kate – that's a very big accusation to make. Can't believe you were so close to two chefs and they were discussing religion and came up with the old "we dont want any catholics around" statement. I say you are talking nonsense and you are being very mischievous with your inflammatory accusation. Shame on you.

  8. Riichard says:

    There was 7 of us. I enjoyed the casual ambience of the surroundings. I should have ordered more. the small plates were great!. When going back i will order more

  9. Alex says:

    Visited Il Pirata for a birthday dinner last week……great place if you like eating in the dark. The lights were so low that we couldn't see the menu to order and staff refused to turn the lights up. they did bring a torch though so we were able to amuse ourselves during the long wait for food by making shadow animals on the walls. People were taking candles off empty tables and adding them to their own. All part of the ambience according to staff……just like the toddler screaming non-stop at the next table. Verdict on the food – it didn't light up the evening, a bit like Il Pirata itself.

  10. Colin says:

    I must admit, I'm not a big fan of Il Pirata but SHAME SHAME SHAME on Kate (above) for posting such complete drivel.

  11. Rab says:

    Had a fantastic meal on Saturday 11th Jan, will definetly be back, we where a party of 8 of mixed religion don't think the comment made by Kate has any substance.

  12. Richardthechef says:

    Oh my god" i came on looking for food..? I grew up in a mixed area in Belfast, I now live in England, I can't believe you guys are still going on about religion. One of the main reasons I moved to bring my family up I'm an area where no one cares what you are.. So is this place any good for food?

  13. Rose says:

    Had a lovely meal in Il Pirata but when are restaurants going to go back to ensuring the whole meal experience is as good as the food? The 'recycled' furniture thing has gone too far. I had to get up and go and get myself another chair as the one I was sitting on was so uncomfortable my back was hurting (they are all mismatched chairs which, for good reason, were discarded, possibly from 1950's schools/community halls. I've encountered these elsewhere in places such as Made in Belfast so someone is obviously making money out of selling them off as 'designer' items.) The service was very good but not much ambience – trying too hard to be 'trendy'. I would love to return for the food, but will not, as I'd rather go somewhere more comfortable.

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