Good Fortune Ballyhackamore

Not the ‘grandest’ Restaurant in Ballyhackamore, but nevertheless, very popular, is the Good Fortune Chinese restaurant. Open now well over 10 years, its a busy little restaurant, situated in Library Court (in the same block as ballyhack Library) .  It’s a small, understated little eatery, but still draws its regular diners, particularly at weekends, when it can become very busy.

It’s not the largest inside and the tables may be a little close together for some peoples liking, but it still has a warm ambience of its own.  Serving all the ever popular chinese  dishes and making a pretty good job of it;  indeed their honey chilli chicken comes highly recommended.

good fortune 300x225 Good Fortune Ballyhackamore


Another big attraction for its customers is that it is a ‘bring your own’ restaurant. So straight away you will enjoy savings on your alcoholic drinks while there. Ballyhackamore is of course, not short of places to buy booze, with the nearest off licence only a short walk away.

The Good Fortune enjoys the ‘overspill’ from its bigger neighbour across the road -  the Mandarin city. So many people who can’t get into the Mandarin will often  just walk across to the Good Fortune.  However, its still a busy place and if you haven’t booked at the weekend, chances are you won’t get a table . Som we recommend you book in advance.


Good Fortune Ballyhackamore

Unit 3 Library Court
402 Upper Newtownards Road
Belfast BT4 3GE

028 9065 9611

4 Responses to “Good Fortune Ballyhackamore”

  1. William Ross says:

    I would not say Good Fortune gets "overspill" from Mandarin City to be fair. If anything its the other way about – many a time Good Fortune has been packed and I would go across the road. Its been here the longest of the two and there is a reason for that – its great quality, great value and the best in the area.

  2. Neil says:

    Yes , absolutely far better than its neighbour the mandarin city , if you can't get a table at the good fortune get in your car and drive past the half empty mandarin City .lol

    • William B says:

      well now, I think its a bit of an exagerration to say its far better than the Mandarin City. Yeah its ok…but not 'far better' than the Mandarin. Anytime I walk past the mandarin city at the weekend, its choc full…so not sure when you are seeing it half empty. Don't forget also the Good Fortune has about 9 small tables (compared to a huge number of tables in mandarin) so its always likely to 'appear' full . ;)

  3. Joanne says:

    We got a takeaway not as great as it used to be, disappointed ????

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