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I am writing on behalf of the George Best Community Cup Committee,
regarding an exciting opportunity to support the inaugural George Best
Community Cup which is taking place during the 16th,17th & 18th July

The event will be a 3-day, East Belfast based, cross-community and
cross-border football tournament, and will include 5 teams coming from
Republic of Ireland, as well as 5 teams coming from mainland UK such
as Liverpool and Manchester United Juniors. The focus will be on two
sections, junior and senior and we aim to have a total of 32 teams or
480 young people participating in 11-a-side games (plus 3 adult
supervisors/coaches attending with each club). The event will have an
anti-sectarianism and anti-racism theme. Last year the tournament was
a great success.

The event, builds on a successful single identity football tournament
organized by Sydenham Historical and Cultural Society in 2008. The Cup
is intended to be a festival of football, taking place in conjunction
with the second Titanic Festival in East Belfast in 2009. We want to
develop and expand the tournament for 2010, with a view to making it a
landmark annual event for the area which takes place within the East
Belfast area; therefore bringing all communities together for positive
reasons, rather than the only annual contact between communities being
at times of predictable tension or conflict.

The event encourages children of all cultural backgrounds from across
NI, ROI and mainland UK to participate, and will use the experience as
a way of coming together to develop understanding and respect via the
mechanism football. For too long football has been used (by some) as a
tool to reinforce sectarianism and division. We are attempting to
provide young people with an alternative experience, which we hope
will change their view of themselves and each other.

The George Best Community Cup Committee are holding a fundraising,
fun-filled cabaret night on Saturday 12th June 2010 in the East
Belfast Constitutional Club. We intend to hold an auction and a number
of ballots. We would greatly appreciate if you could supply a gift or
donation towards the fundraising event to enable us to cover the costs
to ensure the tournament will be a brilliant success and to make the
community of East Belfast proud.
For more information contact Leanne on 07955977037 or Janice on
Kind Regards
George Best Community Cup

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