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prices1 228x300 Blow Dry Bar BallyhackamoreThe Blow Dry Bar in Ballyhackmore recently opened its doors for  local women who wish to avail of their unique service.   There are presently 9 blow dry bar salons across Belfast including this recently new establishment in ballyhack village.

Over 45 highly qualified Stylists based across the salons, work hard each  day to provide their great blow dry service to lots of women who love their walk in service.  Blow Dry Bars do not take apointments,! Its a walk in service.

So why not treat yourself at the one in Ballyhackamore!


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  1. Hazel Wilson says:

    I have visited the Ormeau Road branch a few times and consider them to be good value for money, unfortunately the same cannot be said for the Ballyhackamore branch. The hairdresser I went to didn't seem to have any idea how to cut hair and worse still didn't listen to a word I said.

  2. Saz says:

    I visited the blow dry bar in Ballyhackamore in September 2013 and would never go back. The stylist did not ask what I wanted down and proceeded to burn my scalp & hair with the hairdryer and get brushes repeatily stuck in my hair. When finished I was left with damaged, freazey hair which was neither straight nor curly held in place with lots of product which needed to be washed and restyled when I arrived home.

  3. Mrs unhappy says:

    Steer clear of Lisburn Rd. Cheap n not so cheerful! Bits of hair missed with colour, argumentative, unhelpful staff and when phoned to ask for a repair job, was told Liz, the manager would contact me. That was several months ago! ! Pick another hairdressers!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I just had my hair washed and blowdryed in Ballyhackamore Blowdry Bar. Worst blow dry i have ever had. The young girl was clearly inexperienced and genuinely did not have a clue how to blow dry. Her hands and brushes kept getting stuck in my hair when trying to separate it , my hair feels as if the conditioner wasn't washed out right and is all frizzy. My hair was so flat coming out of it that I had to go home and wash it my self ! STAY WELL CLEAR!

  5. dismayed says:

    agree it is cheap but not the best of experiences. the staff have no idea of customer service. you are left sitting waiting and no-one can tell you how long and then you are moved up to the basin and left sitting again for an eternity….woeful !! then when you are finally getting your hair done the stylists continually turn off the hairdryer to have little chats with each other.

  6. liz says:

    I visited the Castlereagh road branch today I would never go back. I wanted a root tint I got a root tint that didn't match my hair so a toner was put on it, it was still white then she had to put low lights in to help it, I'm sorry but a £20 root tint cost me £50 and I wasn't the one that made a mess of it…….never again would I go back !!

  7. Unimpressed says:

    I went for a blow dry today and won't be back. Very poor blow dry and had to wait over an hour for it. So disappointing. It's worth paying a couple of pounds extra to go somewhere where you have an appointment and they use high quality products on your hair making the blow dry last longer. Won't back at the blow dry bar!

  8. Sarah says:

    Ah mixed reviews i think i'll give them a try and see :)

  9. Shockingly bad says:

    I wish I had read these reviews before I had my hair washed and blow dried today in the Ballyhackamore branch. After waiting 45minutes to be taken I then had the worst hair washing experience. Cold water, my scalp scrubbed so hard with cheap smelling shampoo and conditioner.
    I had requested a blowdry with soft waves and it couldn't be further from what I'm used to receiving. My hair was still wet as it was finished in 10mins. Then sprayed with a heavy, cheap and sticky hairspray.
    The staff were unfriendly and totally unprofessional constantly complaining about only having 3 staff on and turning away customers from 3.20pm onwards…
    I'm so angry. I have a very special occasion to attend tomorrow, and instead of having the usual feeling of "having my hair done feeling", I'm about to wash the £15 out and attempt to style my hair myself.
    Never ever again.

  10. Sandra Dunn says:

    I went to the dundonald one i asked for my hair to be tapered in at the back he cut it that short he cut the colour out that left me with all gray at the back it was so bad and everyone was asking me who left me like that i was sooo embarrassed i went back a few days leter to get it sorted and i was told thats because you got it short i have had the same cut tapeted in 100s of time but never like he cut it he was blaming me he didnt even sort it him self he go a girl to do it and before she stared she said you will have to pay in all i had to pay £60 i will never use them again never.

  11. Lesley Hanna says:

    I went to the blow dry bar in ballyhackamore and was very unhappy with all aspects of it. I don't mind waiting or poor service from the staff because it is cheap. However, the cut was quite carelessly and quickly performed, particularly the fringe which is probably the most important part and was not even. I also asked for highlights which the girl did even though her continuous conversation with the other hairdresser was obviously more important. When the foils came off I realised one half of my head was brown and the other half was bright red. She clearly forgot what she was supposed to be doing. I complained of course and they did say I could come back tomorrow and they would look at it but no shock at the mistakes, no apology, and reading these reviews they probably would have tried to charge me again! Since a colour lasts for weeks I will be going to proper hairdressers from now on.

  12. Alana smyth says:

    I'be been to Ballyhackamore branch & Newtownards Road branch & found absolutely no customer service whatsoever. Very "rough & ready" with total lack of interaction with customers unless they're regulars. I called into Ballyhackamore tonight around 7:20 only to be shouted at front the other end of the salon & told it wasn't worth waiting as it would be over an hour before she could get to me. It wasn't particularly busy so why say it's open until 9 when it was out of action from before 7:30. I can't imagine I'll go back; a bit of staff training may be helpful.

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