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Big issue Please!

What’s your opinion on the Big issue sellers who are selling in Ballyhackamore?  I note there are two now a short space from each other.  Do you feel they have a right to be there on the street selling the big issue? Are they only making a living for themselves?

Or do you feel they are essentially ‘begging’ and perhaps make you feel awkward walking by?

Give us your opinion below!

16 Responses to “Big Issue Sellers”

  1. davidJ says:

    to be honest these people do my head in. You can't pass them without hearing them plead for you to buy the mag. I just don't give them money, cos to me its just a more sophisticated means of begging.

  2. margaret says:

    well as a local resident I endure them, as they probably have to earn a crust by some means. It does get tiring, getting perstered everytime you pass I will admit . One is enough in Ballyhackamore, dont want any more.

  3. Robert says:

    There seems to be more of these people now . In fact they're everywhere. In every town and city! I think its a business, making money for some guy at the top!

  4. Ann McGee says:

    Have any of you people noticed that the Big Issue sellers are now jumping out in front of traffic at the Knock lights, they are not allowed to sell the big issue at the traffic lights, and I urge you all to contact the PSNI and complain as i have done. These are the same people who were selling the Belfast Telegraph up until recently. What will they be flogging next? Also I urge you to complain to the Big Issue, they have a code of conduct that their sellers must follow. And any of you people who may be thinkig about selling your houses in the near future, well I can tell you now that having these parasites on your doorstep will reduce the price of your house, It certainly did with mine.

  5. Patricia says:

    I feel really saddened by the previous comments of my fellow residents of Ballyhackamore. I feel privileged to live in this area with a comfortable house, food on the table, clothes for my children etc etc which are basic BASIC human needs which most of us in this area take for granted. Last year my husband lost his job because of the economic climate and to be honest if it wasnt for help from friends and family we would have been without these basic needs for a period of nine months. Ive taken the time to get to know some of these ladies, they are women who want to care for their children and provide for their BASIC needs. I don't have a problem with giving them a mere £2.50 what sacrifice does that cause me? None really…..but im helping them and their children to have a meal. Ive taken the time to go to these ladies homes they are warm and extremely polite and ive seen the poor conditions they are having to live in although they make the best of what they have. One family came and had a meal at our house we had a great laugh together. If any of you were in this position i would do the same for you. You are my fellow human beings.

  6. Belmontbelle says:

    Patricia, I think you are being slightly naive to be honest. Let me explain – You probably are well aware that when you buy drugs or even counterfeit goods, the money finds its way back to criminal overlords.

    In exactly the same way, the money that you pay these people finds it's way back to Roma criminal gangs who control this trade right across the UK.

    Do you really think she buys a few big issues herself to sell on? No way! Gangs buy the BI in bulk and pass them down to people who control these people on the street. The money raised finds its way back to Romania, where the criminal gypsy masterminds line their pockets and indulge themselves in gold.

    Roma gypsies have all but taken over the selling of the BI. It was originally aimed at hepling people who found themselves down and out of luck – that was its intention. However you will now notice that Uk/Irish citizens have been muscled out of it, and the whole conecpt has been taken over by roma's.

    There are ordinary Romanians and then they are the Roma Gypsies – two different kinds of people. These gypsies are simply beggars and this is their smartest scam yet – hijacking the BI and using it to raise funds for the criminal gangs.

    Try to look behind the mask Patricia.

  7. Ann McGee says:

    Well said Belmontbelle!

    I think Patricia is lving in Cloud Cuckoo Land, She needs to take herself around some shops in Belfast and other parts of N Ireland and speak to some shop owners and managers, these Roma are constantly stealing from shops, at times using their own children to steal, they are well known in certain shops for their activities. And she feels sorry for them , inviting them to her home for food, wonder if she put her valuables out of the way first. Would she be so willing to open up her home to a family from the Shankill or Ardoyne and give them a free meal, I dont think so. Was she aware that the Roma Belfast tele sellers at Knock lights (now gone) were using an empty house near the lights as a giant toilet, I wish i had know about Patricias kind nature I would have directed them round to her house. And any spare money going Patricia you can give it to me if you want, Im in need, after all they say charity begins at home.

  8. Realist not racist says:

    Patricia why dont you open you eyes to the reality of what is happening on the streets of Belfast. We have 35,000 waiting for housing and 60,000 unemployed, long waiting lists for hospital appointments and people being denied life saving drugs. Our children are being turned away from their first choice of nursery school, because priority is given to those who are on benefits and cannot speak English. We the Northern Irish citizen are being discrimated against in our own country while our elected representatives pander to the floods of foreign freeloaders who arrive daily to avail themselves of what is rightfully ours. We have came through a long war, when i might add, no one wanted to come here and now that we should be enjoying some prosperity and peace in our lives, in our own country, here we are being invaded at an alarming rate.

    Our services are stretched to the limit, so whether you like it or not we cannot afford to handover what is rightfully ours to a load of freeloaders who think this the place to come for an easy and free life.

    All i can say is i hope the BNP stand here at the next elections because that is what it is going to take to rid this land of the foul smell it has acquired in recent years.

  9. Realist not racist says:

    Oh and another thing, I was trying to get to a bakery the other day to grab a bite of lunch in the 20 minutes I had spare. One of these Roma's blocked my way and said "change please". I walked on inside and on the way out, he stood in front of me again and thrust a BI in my face, I walked round him and continued. He shouted up the street after me "gimme 50P BITCH" On another occasion my husband who was sitting at the traffic lights had a piece of paper thrust at him. He threw it out of the car back to its owner, the begger then approached him and spat in his face. My husband called the Police and reported the incident, guess what? the Police never arrived. This behavoir is not acceptable to me and the sooner they leave the better for all concerned.

  10. Ann McGee says:

    Realist not racist, you have summed up my thoughts on the 'invasion' that has taken place in our country in recent years. I wanted to let you know that the BNP are standing in the elections in NI this year, they will certainly be getting my vote. As for being abused by a Roma begger nothing new there, but dont mention it to any one because you will probably be branded a racist for doing so.

  11. Candymaguire says:

    Ive had a few run ins with them. Usually I just walk on by and say NO -clear and firm!

    I dont feel sorry for them – they are dropped off in the city centre at 7.30 in a Mercades and they get on the subsequent buses. Ive seen this myself as I work early mornings near the city hall.

    The guys I do feel sorry for are the genuine homeless who try to sell them but are tarred with the same brush as those who abuse it.

  12. Some of the coments on here astoud me, i ran a search i google asking the following:

    "Why can the big issue sellersnot find other work?"

    Firstly i appreciate the comments about roma gangs controlling the BI if this is the case then local govt and law enforcement need to stop this happening.

    Secondly comments about schools and hospital waiting lists maybe true but we did not earn these services the funding for the majority of these services came from the EU funds for social sustainability etc. and as we are apart of europe any EU citizen should be allowed to avail of these services.

    Thirdly looking to vote BNP just because of these people is wrong, it is an overtly racist organisation with no viable policies concerning local or national govt. Believe it or not the BNP are solely nationalistic and even though they have British in their title they are anything but and they will discriminate against anyone not of their own which means you, and my grandfather didnt fight the nazis in north africa and get gunned down by machine gun fire just so they could take power.

    I often look at these people and wonder what went wrong for them that they live like this and I also wonder what went wrong with our society that allows people to live like this.

    If you want rid dont buy the BI, to stop money going to gangs the govt. should provide the following:

    1. Food stamps

    2. Enough to cover rent and heating and electric, paid directly to suppliers

    3. Education and training to seek other employment

    4. Means to stop money being transfered to 3rd parties

    5. All of this for a set period of time if no improvement then they get cut off

    A lot of people who are foreign and come here provide a benefit to our society in which some communities believe benefits are a right and not earned, if we can help these people in a better way shouldnt we. If worried about jobs being stolen get of your backsides go and do the work yourself, I have worked every job under the sun to ensure I had money coming in from cleaner to operations manager but some people see jobs as below them and these are the people who damage our society.

    Patricia I admire your comments and your charity and your experience means that you can talk more than others because your comments are more factual because you have befriended them.

  13. realist not racist says:

    Firstly, your grandparents are not the only ones who fought in the wars so we could remain free. Secondly, you made a statement that the BNP do not have any policies. You need to do some homework before you come on spouting the usual "racist" garbage. Our forefathers did not, repeat, did not, fight and die in 2 world wars in order that in 2011 we would be invaded by thousands of foreign freeloaders who have made their way here to avail themselves of what is rightfully ours, yes those services which our forefathers fought and died for. To start to screech comments about the BNP is ludicrous. Check out their policies before you make wild accusations. I will certainely be voting for them, should they stand here, as they are the only party, who will stand up for the human rights of the British people, while all the other parties choose to look the other way and continue to pander to the invaders, in the hope of regaining their seats via votes at any price.

  14. realist not racist says:

    Furthermore you go on to say the government should provide food stamps etc. Have you gone mad. Many of our own people are living in poverty themselves, and many are dying because they cant get the medical services they are entitled to because there is no money. We have 35,000 waiting for social housing and 60,000 unemployed and you want our government to provide food stamps and other handouts on top of the very susbtainial handouts they already get. Wake up we cannot afford anymore foreeloaders on our shores. Charity begins at home and we must look after our own people first and foremost. Take off the rose coloured glasses and see the real picture, instead of burying your head in the sand in denial.

  15. Claire says:

    Um, remind me why I moved back to Belfast?

    I'd much rather spend time with the big issue sellers of ballyhackamore than most of the people commenting here.

    FFS we're really lucky to be born here, nhs, free education, roof over most of our heads. Not everyone is so lucky – and if people have the gumption to make their way there, fair play.

    Your good fortune is an accident of birth people – dry your eyes!

  16. Chris says:

    Looks like they have gone now. Haven't seen them around here in a while. ….thankfuly!

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