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Some people say Ballyhackamore on the Upper Newtownards Road is becoming the new Stranmillis, however in a lot of ways it is even better. There is a village feel about this part of the road just like Stranmillis, but it has many more restaurants, all first class in their own right.

 The choice of food is varied, from Chinese, Mexican and Indian to local fare. All price ranges are catered for, from the cheap and cheerful to fine dining. A couple of great bars complete the picture….super restaurants, coupled with a few decent watering holes and Ballyhackamore has just about everything. 

 Ballyhackamore Village also has an array of smaller café’s and coffee shops providing very cosy surroundings for when one needs to take the weight of one’s feet during the day. Why not discover the delights for yourself one of these weekends?

14 Responses to “Ballyhackamore Restaurants”

  1. Stan MacBroom says:

    Ballyhack does indeed have a 'village' atmosphere and the present restaurants, cafes and shops are fine, but the proposed 'drive through' restaurant at the corner of Knock Hill Park and Upper Newtownards Road is a step too far. Lets keep the boundaries of Ballyhack as they are and reject this americanisation of our local culture.

  2. Tracey says:

    I agree totally. we have enough, and a good balance right now

  3. Alison says:

    I havent heard about the drive through place.. can someone give me an update? that would be disasterous,

  4. Bernard says:

    An update on the proposed KFC Drive through at Knockhill/Upr Newtownards Road: The original planning application was for small retail units with offices and apartments to the rear. This then changed to a KFC drive though with parking. A well organised campaign helped highlight resident's objections. The City Council eventually rejected the planning permission. This has been appealed by the developers, Lesley, and a decision from the Planning Appeals body has yet to be made. I agree, it would be disastrous – this creeping commercialisation, especially the expansion of fast food retailers, will destroy the character of Ballyhackamore and surrounds.

  5. Darren says:

    anyone tried the new chippy which is just opened? used to be the hotspot. Had quite a few owners since then, mind you. Just wondering if its worth a go

  6. Willers says:

    I went round on Monday night at 9.30pm and they were closed, so havent tried them yet

  7. James Green says:

    I had a chip in it the othe night and it was actually really good. Very good chips and a large portion. So I would recommend it

  8. Jeanette Shaw says:

    Anyone any idea what is going to be in the old Ulster Bank? I have heard a few rumours, but nothing concrete. No doubt an eating establishment of some type! lol

  9. Sinead York says:

    You are right it is going to be a 100 seater restaurant. Not sure what type of cuisine though. I know that there is going to be another take away next to natures way, JRs BBQ shack!

  10. Trev says:

    I heard from a source it is going to be the site for a new Starbucks in Ballyhackamore. Not sure if that’s 100% correct…but could well be.

  11. John says:

    all the residents have to share i'm afraid just because you live further up the road does not mean you should be exempt from expansion!!!

  12. Helen says:

    I still miss nibbles that used to be in ballyhackamore

    • mainliner48 says:

      Nibbles kind of rings a bell Helen. Was it Nibblers by any chance? lol. Wasn't it a burger bar? Where exactly was it, I'm trying to recall.

  13. Helen says:

    Has JR BBQ closed ?
    I heard the owners used to own Pizza Hut city side of the lights and both seemed to last for 1 year ., makes you wonder.
    Can anyone tell me if it has closed for good or just a refurbishment.

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