Ballyhackamore Issues raised by PUP Party

As a member of the Progressive Unionist Party I have been contacted by residents from the Ballyhackamore area of Belfast; more precisely Hillview Avenue, Sinclair Street, Eastleigh Crescent and Halstein Drive.

The issues requiring attention include but are not limited to parking problems, lack of respect shown to residents and alleyways in the area are treated like dumping sites. I have been informed also that these alleyways also require levelling, as elderly residents are unable to get their bins in and out, therefore they are forced to drag them through the inside of their homes. In this day and age this is not acceptable practice.

A few of the residents concerns stem from an unapologetic attitude from some traders who would rather pretend the issues wern’t taking place, unfortunately for the local community dealing with problems on a day to day basis this is unsatisfactory.

I would appreciate any feedback you may have for concerned residents and perhaps you can guide us on finding a suitable solution for all.

Kind regards

Ian Shanks

Progressive Unionist Party

07818 566106


3 Responses to “Ballyhackamore Issues raised by PUP Party”

  1. Miranda Collins says:

    What is it that the traders are doing exactly to offend the local residents of these streets? Can you be more specific?

  2. David says:

    Traders use Sinclair Street as a parking area and leave residents parking far from their homes. There is a parking area off Sandown Road which the traders do not use. A certain trader was annoyed because she could not park and a valid disabled parking area was outside a house.With such a busy trading area more parking areas are needed and residents should have a scheme that allows them to park at their homes. It is a danger for children to have so much through traffic. The alley ways are dirty and attract vermin. Mice and rats have been sited and this is not acceptable. They are a disgrace in modern times and have not changed since the 1900's. These grievances have been brought up but nothing is ever done.

  3. Henry says:

    Miranda, as a local resident I'm not offended by traders of Ballyhackamore and appreciate that you have made a valuable contribution to this area by making it much more popular and interesting. All local residents who own their own homes benefit from successful local businesses in Ballyhackamore, as this increases the value of their homes. Parking, yes sometimes we can't park right outside our own front door, big deal, as I've never had to park that far away from my own front door. What is a nuisance is some local residents putting cones(probably stolen) outside their house, which prevents other local residents from parking in the streets we all share.

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